Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Natural Success

Just want to pass on a success story to you... When I was growing up I had warts. Large, nasty warts all over my hands. I had to go in every week to get one hand full of them frozen off, alternating hands each week so I could function. Ugh! Painful and horrible.

Then, when my daughter was three she got a large wart on her finger by the nail. I took her to our doctor, who gave me the option of doing a "natural" treament using beatlejuice. Yes, real juice from a beatle. She said it was painless. And it was, when she dabbed it on. after a day or two with the tape on her finger, things got funky. I noticed a smell, and found that it looked like all the flesh on her finger was dying and falling away. It hurt and smelled. The wart fell off, but it took several weeks and was very painful.

So when I discovered two warts on my son, I freaked a little. I did not want him to go through either agony. I tried every over-the-counter wart remover: the drops, the pads, and finally the at home freeze thing. Nothing took the warts away... until I tried Melaleuca oil. I joined this buying club, and the product they were founded on was oil of melaleuca. I got a wellness guide that tells you all about the ways to use the different products. This oil is used to remove warts, among hundreds of other things.

I put the oil on my sons warts two or three times a day (no pain, nothing). And in a little over two weeks his warts had just shrunk and disappeared completely!!! I have since used this on a cyst and it worked just as well!!! The oil is non-toxic and killer of unhealthy bacteria and germs, and is extremely low cost (plus I saved all that money on medical co-pays). So, before you freeze or juice, I would highly recommend checking into this method!

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  1. My friend just used this oil on her five year old daughter's huge plantar's wart. She had been trying everything for eight months, and it took ten days with Melalueca oil. No pain, nothing toxic. All natural, and completely gone!!!