Monday, March 2, 2009


At our church we have a time for members to share their "joys and sorrows" with their church family. During this time, two different people shared that they had a friend or relative recently diagnosed with cancer... and these were children. One high school aged youth and one even younger. It truly brought a sense of sadness to everyone sitting there yesterday morning.

It turned my mind to all of the things I know about the causes of cancer... espeically how 80% of cancer cases are linked to environmental factors! Sure, we all know about the second-hand smoke, exposure to asbestos, etc. But we are not always thinking about the every day things we do to keep ourselves and our families "safe and healthy" that may actually be weakening our defenses against such a deadly diagnosis.

My friend Judy has a history of breast cancer in her family. Her mother and aunt both died of breast cancer. So when her doctor told her that it was amost positive that she would follow the same path, that she should just watch and wait and continue to come in for checkups, she wasn't satisfied. She wanted to be pro-active about this... wasn't there any way she could prevent the cancer from invading her body?

She went through extensive testing at the University of Michigan Hospital's Breast Cancer division. When she was finally through, she asked her specialist "What can I do RIGHT NOW, when I go home, to try to change my fate?" Her response was, "Go home and throw away every cleaner in your house. Throw away most of your personal care products, too." Although it wasn't going to change her genetics, it would relieve the constant attack on her immune system. That way her defenses would be healthy and ready to combat the cancer if it ever arrived... not to mention many of those cleaners contain possible carcinogens themselves.

It has been over a decade since Judy stripped her home of toxins, and started on a suppliment regime, and she has been cancer-free and healthier than she has ever been. Her children haven't been to the doctor for any kind of illness in six years, have never needed an antibiotic, and most importanty, Judy herself is there for her children.

Just thought I would pass this along for ALL of you, but especially for those who have cancer in the family.

I urge you all to google search "cancer and home toxins" and I'm sure you will find an abundance of information to support these statements.

Be Well,

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