Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Natural Success

Just want to pass on a success story to you... When I was growing up I had warts. Large, nasty warts all over my hands. I had to go in every week to get one hand full of them frozen off, alternating hands each week so I could function. Ugh! Painful and horrible.

Then, when my daughter was three she got a large wart on her finger by the nail. I took her to our doctor, who gave me the option of doing a "natural" treament using beatlejuice. Yes, real juice from a beatle. She said it was painless. And it was, when she dabbed it on. after a day or two with the tape on her finger, things got funky. I noticed a smell, and found that it looked like all the flesh on her finger was dying and falling away. It hurt and smelled. The wart fell off, but it took several weeks and was very painful.

So when I discovered two warts on my son, I freaked a little. I did not want him to go through either agony. I tried every over-the-counter wart remover: the drops, the pads, and finally the at home freeze thing. Nothing took the warts away... until I tried Melaleuca oil. I joined this buying club, and the product they were founded on was oil of melaleuca. I got a wellness guide that tells you all about the ways to use the different products. This oil is used to remove warts, among hundreds of other things.

I put the oil on my sons warts two or three times a day (no pain, nothing). And in a little over two weeks his warts had just shrunk and disappeared completely!!! I have since used this on a cyst and it worked just as well!!! The oil is non-toxic and killer of unhealthy bacteria and germs, and is extremely low cost (plus I saved all that money on medical co-pays). So, before you freeze or juice, I would highly recommend checking into this method!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Danger of Oven Cleaner

I picked up my neighbor yesterday to take her on an errand, and she told me that she got a bad burn at work. My neighbor is in housekeeping and works at a large banquet hall. When I asked her how she got burned, she said she was cleaning the oven, and the OVEN CLEANER burned through her pants to burn her skin! It was not a small burn, either!

When I looked up the ingredients in oven cleaner, is saw this main ingredient: monoethanolamine. So I looked up the safety data sheet.

Carcinogenicity - NTP: NO
Carcinogenicity - IARC: NO
Carcinogenicity - OSHA: NO
Signs/Symptoms Of Overexp: SEE HEALTH HAZARDS SECTION.

Then I found another news story where a small child died within 24 hours of ingesting a small quantity of oven cleaner! I don't know, these don't look like risks that are worth a quick and easy oven cleaning... My can of Eazy-off is now in the trash!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Sick and Tired"

Indeed, these two words go together easily! Fatigue is one factor that wears down your immune system, but it's not the only factor. Here's a little "diagram" that is going to show you how your system works, how it can break down, and how it could be healthier!
Everyone carries a toxic load. I know, sounds uncomfortable. But in our society, it's inevitable. The good news is that there are some things we can change. We have things like nasty toxic cleaners being absorbed every day by the largest organ in our body (our skin). We have stress from all sorts of things, we don't get enough sleep because we stay up late to watch "The Daily Show." :) We slather ourselves with nasty personal care products and makeup that is full of junk that could kill a lab rat. Our "wholesome" frozen family sized lasagna is full of MSG. We are breathing in our industrialized nation, and "oops," junior brought a cold home from school! Yikes, our bodies can't handle this load. Call in the EPA, we're gonna have an emission!
If only we could just puff this junk out of us! Unfortunately, we just wear down and get sick. Our immune system is working its pants off and can't handle one more responsibility. So, how do we train our eager IS to work more efficiently? We give it the tools it needs, and we lighten it's workload. The first and easiest thing to do is to replace all of the nasty toxic household products with healthier, natural ones that do just as good a job or better. I know, some folks use vinegar or baking soda to do all the cleaning, but I personally don't like the smell... and those products aren't going to kill all of the bacteria that a scientifically formulated, natural cleaning product containing high grade ingredients like oil of melaleuca will kill. (If you want to know where I get my great and inexpensive cleaning products, send me an email to )
Okay, so now we've lightened the workload, let's give ourselves some tools. The tools are things that are working from the inside out... vitamins, minerals, foods, water, etc. Did you know that the quality of our food as far as it's vitamin and mineral content is dropping drastically? So even if you are eating local organic fruits and vegetables, you are unable to get the nutrition you need from your foods alone. In fact, in 2002 the American Medical Association stated that everyone must suppliment to maintain their health. Those vitamins are going to give your body the strength it needs to tackle the tough jobs.
But, there are so many vitamins out there! I mean, seriously, whole stores commited to vitamins and nutritional suppliments alone! Well, I just asked someone who knew! The vitamins I buy for me and my family have a patent-pending formula that allows the vitamins and minerals to absorb directly into the bloodstream from within the small intestine. They have actually been proven by third-party laboratory testing to absorb over 50% more of the nutrients than even the most expensive store brand. And those one-a-day vitamins aren't going to be very helpful, as they have extremely poor absorption. Here's a test... take one of those vitamins and put it in a glass of apple cider vinegar (same PH as your stomach). Let it sit for 24 hours and chances are that it will still be there! What good are the nutrients if you are just pooping them out!!! But maybe that's better anyway, because most of those are made of completely synthetic vitamins and minerals. Mmmm, mmm, good! But seriously, why not give yourself what you deserve to stay healthy?
Okay, so I have to go make some home-made chicken soup now, but if you have questions about any of this, just send me an e-mail to, or post a comment here! I try to get to this every day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Immune System

The first thing I want to tell you, friend, is that your body is strong. Contrary to popular belief, you are fully capable of fighting off germs and viruses without the help of 24 Hour Cough Medicine or Night Night Juice, or any of the barrage of "helpful medicines" marketed at the "sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Your body is a fortress equipped to destroy and eliminate poisonous "intruders." As you know, there are many things that occur naturally in our environment that are toxic to our systems, so we must have defenses against them. Our livers and kidneys filter out toxins and our T-cells conquer foreign invaders. But what happens when your troops are exhausted? They can't fight the enemy, and your body gets contaminated. How did your troops get so tired? You opened the door and let the enemy in...

There are over 150 toxic chemicals in our homes. They are in our cosmetics, our dishwashing detergent, our laundry soap and baby shampoo. They are in our tile cleaner and wood floor polish. They are in our underarm deoderant and our nail polish. And guess what? We PAID to put them there!

Did you know you paid for the formadehyde in your baby shampoo? Guess what? This ingredient is a "Suspected carcinogen. May be fatal if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through skin; causes burns; inhalation can cause spasms, edema (fluid buildup) of the larynx and bronchi, and chemical pneumonitis; extremely destructive to tissue of the mucous membrane." (Material Safety Data Sheet- Formaldehyde) I know, there is such a small amount in the shampoo, it can't be harmful. Perhaps not... But when there is a little in the shampoo, a little in the conditioner, some more in your lotion, your dish soap, and your laundry soap... now it's worth paying attention!

So, here's what happens in a nut shell: Your awesome immune system works like mad to fight off all these toxins that we are slathering, soaking, swallowing and spraying all over our bodies, then a virus comes along. BAM, we are done. We are aching and coughing and we run to the drug store to fill our bodies with more chemicals. Ugh! Wow, is this depressing!

No, this is going to be okay! I am here to tell you there are safe and cheap alternatives to bombarding our immune system every day! Whew! Seriously. I have been using alternative products for most of my adult life, and stomaching the cost of them. But I have found a buying club that is totally cost-effective and gets the toxins out of my life.

Why am I so adamant about this? I know five people that have recently survived cancer. Did you know that the average American has a cancer cell in their body SIX TIMES in their life? For many people, their army of defenses is able to conquer them six times. However, if your immune system is spending it's energy fighting off a whole host of other things, guess who is going to win? I am not willing to take that risk. Not when I can get that crap out of my house, replace it with natural beauty products and cleaners that kill more bacteria than bleach (but can be ingested with virutally no consequence), and have more money in my pocket at the end of the day! It's worth it for me, my husband, and my children... and it's worth it for you, too.

Keep watching my blog for more information about home toxins and fighting diseases and disorders from the "inside-out" as well.

In Good Health,